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“Songs are funny things.

They can slip across borders. Proliferate in prisons. Penetrate hard shells.
I always believed that the right song at the right moment could change history.”

~ Pete Seeger ~

Upcoming Episodes

~ July 2022 ~

Songs of Freedom Slate

~   MAY 2024   ~

"MAY  We Remember"

Commemerating and Celebrating
Those Who Are Still With Us In Spirit

 MAY 2024

Pete Seeger. Eric Levine. Ray Korona. Sol Weber.  PRESENTÉ !!

MAY.  We Remember!

It has become a ritual tradition at Songs of Freedom Television to play episodes during the month of May that celebrate the lives of those who have left us, but whose work and spirit remain. This year is no different. We do not only celebrate a Memorial Day. We celebrate the entire month.

We Remember . . .

The first episode in  MAY We Remember  coincides with the May 3 birthday of Pete Seeger. There is so much to know about his life and legacy, and I bet you know quite a bit already. In 2008 Pamela Timmins wrote and directed a film called “Clearwater Nation.” It is a celebration of Pete Seeger’s vision and the Clearwater organization that came from it in protecting and preserving the Hudson River. You will see it in its entirety. In addition, there is time enough to show you a video I recorded of Pete leading an audience singing “Turn, Turn, Turn” in New York City at a New York City Friends of Clearwater Water Festival. If you have ever been to a Clearwater Revival festival or if you are a Pete Seeger fan you will want to watch this episode.

Episode two features and remembers my friend and brother, Eric Levine, who left us in 2008. There is a lot I could tell you about Eric, including his unrelenting moral clarity and service to others. I could also say that he was a talented musician, producer, and songwriter who introduced me to a world of activist artists that have become my second family. I would rather tell you that Eric was a gentle spirit who touched the lives of many people and left the world a better place than it had been. Watch the episode devoted to his memory and you will know what I mean.

The third show this month remembers the lives and contributions of Ray Korona and Sol Weber, two individuals who I met at People’s Music Network gatherings and whose company I always enjoyed. Ray was singer/songwriter, band leader, recording engineer, activist, organizer – a busy fellow who walked the walk when it came to progressive issues. I could go on and on about Ray, how he was a driving force at the Peoples’ Voice Café for many years and how he recorded and produced one of my CDs, and how he celebrated and encouraged new artists…. I invite you to find out more about Ray yourself. As for Sol Weber, known in knowing circles as the “Rounds Man”, I always enjoyed his company and his clever and funny parodies and theatrical production pieces. And his T-shirts. Both Ray and Sol lived full lives, but both left us too soon. They share an episode during Songs of Freedom Television’s “MAY We Remember” month.

Show four is not about recalling an individual. “The American Dreaming” will play during the final week of May, the one that has Memorial Day in it. What will be remembered is how America, The United States – our country – got to be where it is today, with all the sweet and sour. The episode pulls no punches and features the words of Eugene Debbs, Smedley Butler, Noam Chomsky, and George Carlin, among others. Justice and a Memorial for All.

That's the rollcall for this MAY to Remember.

Here are the episodes. You can watch them here or I can see you on the telly.

Keep on singing!   

~ joel landy, songs of freedom television ~


Show 1:  Pete Seeger and Clearwater Nation

Show 2:  Remembering Eric Levine

Show 3:  Remembering Ray Korona and Sol Weber

Show 4:  The American Dreaming


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May / 8, 15, 22, 29

 April  2024      Spring is here!  Bring on the color!  Bring on the music!

        Songs Of Freedom Television

It is springtime!

Living where I do the month of April brings the springtime, a breath of freshness in this trying and dangerous, and sometimes hopeless feeling world. I look forward to this time every year. Warmer weather, the sound of birds, the start of the baseball season, first flowers – even the cynical among find a moment to smile and think of what can be.

Springtime, my favorite time of the year!

April brings with it music and music events, including the annual New England Folk Festival. If you don’t know about the New England Folk Festival I am happy to tell you about it. NEFFA is an all volunteer folk arts festival that has been going on for almost 80 years. That in itself is amazing. Late April brings the weekend event and dancers, musicians, crafts artists and others from around the country and the world to share each other’s time company and talent. Every hour between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon there are numerous cultural dancing and music sessions taking place. Something for everyone. It has been my pleasure to lead numerous sessions during the past twenty years. This year NEFFA takes place the weekend of April 19-21 in Marlborough, MA at the Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel and Trade Center. I will be leading three sessions on Saturday, the 20th.

The sessions are:

  1. The Ultimate Parody Jam (1 pm)     NEFFA Funny Song Swap Hour (8 pm)     Remembering Phil Ochs (9pm)

The episodes you will see this month on Songs of Freedom Television recall sessions I have led at the New England Folk Festival over the years. Two of them are Funny Songs Swap sessions and two of them remember and celebrate the life and music of Phil Ochs. I am particularly fond of the Phil Ochs sessions and the stories people share during those hours about Phil and what he meant to them. We will get to do this again on April 20th at this year’s NEFFA. I hope you can make it then, but you can also view videos of previous “Remembering Phil Ochs” sessions here at Songs of Freedom Television and at my You Tube channel. I hope you do, and I hope you can make it to NEFFA this year.

Onward into the spring and music!

Keep Singing!

~ joel landy, songs of freedom television ~

April episodes:

1. NEFFA Funny Songs Hour (2016)   2. NEFFA Funny Songs Hour (2018)     3. Remembering Phil Ochs (2017)     4. Remembering Phil Ochs (2018)


    A logo of the New England Folk Festival logo and a white background

 March 2024    A look at the present and sounds of the past


This month Songs of Freedom Television continues its focus on highlighting live music in local venues. We start the month with a trip to the ongoing open mic at Red Pipes Café in Queens, NY. Every third Thursday for more than a year local artists have been coming to this friendly bistro in the heart of Forest Hills to make music and have a good time. February’s event took place one day after Valentines Day and the musical theme was about relationships of all kinds. It is always fun for me to emcee the show, introducing performers and sharing in the community spirit.

The first two February episodes feature myself and the act of Jennifer and Jess. Tune in for a heartfelt evening of song.

Here are those episodes:  

Show 1  (February 15, 2024 at Red Pipes Café, featuring Joel Landy, Jennifer and Jess)

Show 2  (February 15, 2024 at Red Pipes Café, featuring Joel Landy and a cast of characters)

The next two shows this month recall evenings from recent years in Kew Gardens, my hometown. Once upon a time there was a venue called The Interlude Café, where the likes of Phil Ochs, Dave Van Ronk, Jose Feliciano, and Al Kooper plied and learned their craft. During the next 60 years The Interlude gave way to other businesses in that space, including Odradeks Coffeehouse and the current Roast & Company Café. Venue names may change, as do the names of artist performers, but music still is made. And the beat goes on. Tune in for two episodes from recent years past. Stay for the fun and fine music. It will help us through cold times.

Show 3 (May 2016 at Odradeks Coffeehouse with Jerry Korobow and Joel Landy)  

Show 4 (July 2018 at Roast & Company open mic hosted by Dennis Doyle)

Keep the faith. Stay tuned and stay strong. Spring is coming.

And keep singing!


~ joel landy, songs of freedom television ~




 February 2024    February is always the winter of my discontent.

Unless they were born in that month folks in New York City don’t like February. It’s cold and we’ve had enough winter. I think that is why February was given only 28 days. Wrap it up, February! Let’s get on to March and springtime already!

That’s how I feel, anyway.

So, what does Songs of Freedom Television have for you in February 2024?

We celebrate live music and local venues. The Red Pipe’s Café in Forest Hills has been a friend to Songs of Freedom Television for years. Red Pipes hosts an open mic that I MC on the third Thursday of every month (6:30 to 8:30 pm). All musical styles are welcome. I want to take this moment to thank Ofer at Red Pipes Café for his continuing support in opening his space for community entertainment. His generosity means a lot to me and the Songs of Freedom TV show.

This month we feature recent open mic performances. The first three spotlight and feature performers and performances at the December 21, 2023, Third Thursday Open Mic. The fourth show highlights the annual June 21st summer solstices celebration known as Make Music New York. Red Pipes Café has been hosting this New York cultural event with SOF TV for many years. June 21, 2023, was no exception, excepting for that it was truly exceptional.

Tune in and find out for yourself.

We will get through this cold month. Good music and live performances will help us get by and smile. I hope you sing along.

See you online and at the Red Pipes Café Third Thursday of the month. Red Pipes, where the treats are tasty and so is the music.

~ joel landy, songs of freedom television ~


Show 1          Show 2          Show 3          Show 4

Stay tuned, and keep singing!






Here we are celebrating another year gone by and another one before us.  I hope your 2023 was peaceful and painless. I know that is a lot to ask these days. Life is rarely peaceful and painless, but it is something to enjoy when it happens. I hope you got to enjoy it in the year we just had.

That brings us to 2024.

This will be a very political year. Take a look at the world around you today. Is it peaceful and painless?

Probably not. There is a lot of work to do to create the world we want.
The first thing to do is to find your friends and decide to make some portion of the world you want to live in better. Work at this goal together. Do it with art. Do it with music, do it another way, but do it!  Express yourself and you do not have to do it alone.

This month’s Songs of Freedom Television episodes focus on battles that have been fought in years past, many of them won. The shows feature performances at the 2023 Woody Guthrie New York Hoot in Long Island City, Queens. Woody Guthrie lived through troubled times. His spirit survives and the stories he told with his songs continue to inspire generations of artists and other cultural workers.

Performers include Steve Suffet, Pat Lamanna, Hillel Arnold, Marie Mularczyk O’Connell, and Joel Landy.

As Woody was known to say,
“There's several ways of saying what's on your mind. And in states and counties where it ain't too healthy to talk too loud, speak your mind, or even vote like you want to, folks have found other ways of getting the word around. One of the mainest ways is by singing.”

I add to his words,
“Tune in and don’t tune out!”

~ Joel Landy, Songs of Freedom Television ~


Show 1:  https://youtu.be/z6pt_pCaxk0

Show 2:   https://youtu.be/j_Ix-NO2Thc

Show 3:   https://youtu.be/TzVgs-8iKUE

Show 4:  https://youtu.be/rw6WyDZwSnw

Stay tuned, and keep singing!


"More Than a Small Circle of Friends"

DECEMBER is Phil Ochs Month at Songs of Freedom Television

It is hard to believe it has been eight years since I organized and produced a show in Queens celebrating the 75th birthday of Phil Ochs. It was a magical evening featuring brilliant performance by artists inspired by Phil's memory and music. I recorded the entire evening for Songs of Freedom Television and made four episodes of what happened that night.

The episodes I recorded and edited will play at public access tv stations in New York City this month. They will also stream online. In addition, I am posting the four episodes here so you can watch them at your convenience.

"In such ugly times, the only true protest is beauty."
~ Phil Ochs ~

I wish you beauty, peace, and happiness.
Joel Landy, Songs of Freedom Television ~


Here again are the episodes for this month.

Show 1: https://vimeo.com/484564993?share=copy

Show 2:  https://vimeo.com/484565664?share=copy

Show 3:  https://vimeo.com/484566359?share=copy

Show 4: https://vimeo.com/484566870?share=copy

Stay tuned, and keep singing!


Saturday, December / 16, 23, 30

Thursday, December / 14, 21, 28

Monday and Wednesday:
December/ 11 and 13, 18 and 20, 25 and 27


December/ 11, 18, 25

Songs Of Freedom Television


"Another trip around the sun . . ."


The Season Begins Anew

Birthdays are special things. I was born in the month of September, when weather changes in the Northeast, school starts, and the “get back to work” season starts for everyone in a lot of ways. It has been ingrained from an early age. Television. Football. Cars. Theatre. The fall season begins and takes us into winter and spring until next summer.

I was born on September 3. School has sometimes started on my birthday. That is not fun. Not only for students, but for teachers too! I am not complaining. What I am going to do is dedicate the month of September to birthdays and not only mine. Songs of Freedom Television is now 27 years old and we have never had an official party for the show. So this is it.

The episodes you will see feature my performances at two open mics I regularly attend, one in Kew Gardens, where I live, and one next door in Forest Hills. I would be happy to tell you all about them. Contact me directly at joel@singfreedom.org if you want to know more. The fourth episode this month is a personal political pronouncement. I leave it to you to see what I mean by that.

The first show is my recent performance as the featured artist at the Austin Ale House Sunday evening open mic on July 16th.  We had lots of fun that night, including an appearance by Uncle Joel's Kazoo Army. I gave kazoos to everyone in the audience, and we played together. Now everybody is a musician!!  Not only did I bring my guitar to the show, I created a band!  It is part of the fun we have when I play. I hope you enjoy the show and that I get to see you sometime at an upcoming gig.

Show 1: https://vimeo.com/858178373?share=copy

The second and third shows you will see are from the Third Thursday Open Mic I host once each month at Red Pipes Café in Forest Hills. It’s lots of fun. I enjoy sharing the stage and introducing new and old friends. Thank you to Ofer and the crew at Red Pipes for their hospitality and continued support.

Show 2:  https://vimeo.com/858179263?share=copy

Show 3:  https://vimeo.com/858177703?share=copy

The fourth show of the month is as personal and as public as it gets. I have been writing and singing about the twice impeached and four times indicted criminal and former President Donald Trump since he announced he was running for President in 2015. And now here we are in 2023 on the fringe of another election season.

If you don't like Donald Trump and what he represents this Songs of Freedom Television episode is for you. It pulls no punches about how I feel. Perhaps you feel the same way. Take a look and see for yourself. Here is one of the songs in Show 4.


If you are thinking about voting for him again, I ask that you watch this show and then decide what you will do. In 2024 vote as if your democracy depends upon it. It does.

Here is Show 4:  https://vimeo.com/858180059?share=copy

I hope you get to enjoy the end of the summer and the new season in front of us. Another trip around the sun for me means another chance to spend time with you, my friends, my family, and my pursuits, doing things I enjoy and making a difference along the way the best I know how.

Wishing you the best of times, health, and luck in this new season.

~ Joel Landy, Songs of Freedom Television ~


Here again are the episodes for this month.

Show 1:  https://vimeo.com/858178373?share=copy

Show 2:  https://vimeo.com/858179263?share=copy

Show 3:  https://vimeo.com/858177703?share=copy

Show 4:  https://vimeo.com/858180059?share=copy

Stay tuned, and keep singing!


Saturday, September / 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

Thursday, September / 7, 14, 21, 28

Monday and Wednesday:
September / 4 and 6, 11 and 13, 18 and 20, 25 and 27

Monday, September / 4, 11, 18, 25

Songs Of Freedom Television

"Summertime and the Music is Breezy . . ."

JULY 2023  Showcasing Make Music New York at the Red Pipes Cafe in Forest Hills

On June 21st people around the world make music in the streets where they live.

Make Music New York is a NYC tradition that traces its history back to Paris, France, and “Fête de la Musique,” a national musical holiday inaugurated there in 1982. It is a time when buskers take to the streets and there is free music throughout the entire city. New York City adopted the idea 17 years ago and it has become an anticipated celebration of music, spirit, and the summer solstice ever since.

The festival has grown into an international phenomenon, celebrated on the same day in more than 750 cities in 120 countries, including Germany, Italy, Greece, Russia, Lebanon, Ivory Coast, Australia, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Canada, and Japan.

Songs of Freedom Television has been part of every MMNY in this town. In recent years SOF has been hosting an event at Red Pipes Cafe in Forest Hills, NY.

Episodes this month bring you what happened on the streets of Forest Hills, Queens, at Red Pipes Cafe on Solstice Day, June 21st, 2023.

Thank you to Ofer and the crew at Red Pipes for their generosity making everyone feel welcome at the cafe and providing a space for community and entertainment. The sweet vibe of community made the evening fun and special this year, as it has in the past.

Join us next year in Queens on Austin Street when we gather again on Solstice Day to share an evening of music and fun!

Stay tuned, and keep singing!

~ joel landy, songs of freedom television ~

Here are the episodes that will play this month. Tune in and sing along!

Episode 1  https://youtu.be/xS4aoGbDGLQ

Episode 2  https://youtu.be/qwePMk2200Q

Episode 3  https://youtu.be/JJTN1yjc7oE

Episode 4  https://youtu.be/aAZ7MTf0TEk


JUNE 2023     a time for music, festivals and fun

June is my favorite month. As a teacher you can guess why. School ends in June.

The weather is great in New York City. The promise of summer is upon us – and we haven’t ruined it yet!

AND if you are a musician, music and music festivals are everywhere!

This month Songs of Freedom Television celebrates the coming of summer and festivals that make the month of June so special. Among these festivals are the annual Porch Stomp on New York’s Governors Island and the Make Music New York city-wide extravaganza that takes place on June 21st every year.

First, the Porch Stomp. This annual event takes place all day this year on Saturday, June 17th. Governors Island has an interesting history. It sits off the southern tip of Manhattan in New York Harbor near the spec of land where the Statue of Liberty stands. It is called Governors Island because that is where New York’s governor lived a long time ago. Later it served as a home for retired sailors. Most recently it is a playground for grownups and children far away from the bustle of the city, but is only a ferry ride away. The yearly Porch Stomp brings music of all kinds to the many alfresco performance spaces there on this day. I have been privileged to play and host acoustic sessions there as part of the People’s Voice Café “stage” – which is really a lawn comfortably nestled between shade trees.

The first of two SOF shows this month feature two of the sessions I participated in and recorded from [year]. Featured artists you will see include, Bev Grant, Hudson Valley Sally, Joshua Garcia, and yours truly.

I look forward to June 17th for more fun with my friends as I host the PVC’s 3 pm to 4 pm hour this year. The stage becomes active at noon with a host of talented performers. See this link for more information about Porch Stomp 2023.   Here is a link about the Peoples' Voice Cafe.
And here are the first two episodes of June.

June Show 1, featuring:  Joel Landy, Hudson Valley Sally, and Bev Grant.

June Show 2, featuring:  Joshua Garcia, Joel Landy, Hudson Valley Sally, and Bev Grant.


The second two shows in June feature and celebrate Make Music New York, a tradition that has been embraced by my home town where buskers and other musicians take to the streets and all kinds of performance spaces across the city on the day of the Summer Solstice, June 21st. I have been hosting MMNY events at Red Pipes Café (formerly Red Pipe) in Forest Hills for the past few years and am proud to say that I have participated as a host and as a performer in this all day event since it came to my city from France 17 years ago.

We play outside the café on Austin Street, in the heart of Forest Hills, when weather permits. It is always a fun time and a genuine NYC street scene, with generous doses of serendipity and a supporting strolling cast of hundreds – many of whom are amused and surprised to be serenaded as they pass by.

Join us this year on June 21st from 6:30 to 9:30. Click this link for the Facebook Event page and directions to Red Pipes on Austin Street.

As for the episodes, here are two from different years. Both provide New Yawk flayva and a half hour of good music. You got no problem wid dat. Enjoy!

Show 3, Make Music New York at the Red Pipes Cafe in Forest Hills (2018)

Show 4, Make Music New York at the Red Pipes Cafe in Forest Hills (2018)


Keep on singing!

~ joel landy, songs of freedom television ~


The Episodes for the Month of June

Show 1, featuring:  Joel Landy, Hudson Valley Sally, and Bev Grant.

Show 2, featuring:  Joshua Garcia, Joel Landy, Hudson Valley Sally, and Bev Grant.

Show 3, Make Music New York at the Red Pipes Cafe in Forest Hills (2018)

Show 4, Make Music New York at the Red Pipes Cafe in Forest Hills (2018)


MAY 2023   "MAY We Remember"

This month we share the lives and music of four souls who have transcended this worldly plane in their cosmic journey. I was honored to call all of them my friends.

Toby Fagenson, Jessica Feinbloom, Ray Korona, and Eric Levine all appeared on Songs of Freedom TV.

The first of the month's shows features Toby Fagenson. He was an excellent musician and a top notch parody writer. I have fond memories of staying up late into the night at a Pinewoods folk society weekend with him swapping funny songs and laughing a lot. That's what it was like when I spent time with Toby. Clever times and fun. Toby was also able to deliver serious performances of songs addressing weighty human issues. He is missed. You will see a bit of both on the show you will see. It is from 2002 when he visited the Songs of Freedom Television stage.

Jessica Feinbloom is remembered in this month's second show.
The video you will see is from a memorial concert produced by Steve Suffet in 2017, "A Song for Jessica."  The video features stories about Jessica and songs she sang with the evening's guest artists. They include Toby Fagenson, Jane Babits, Frank Werner, Allison Kelly, Anne Price, Gina Tlamsa, Steve Suffet, and Joel Landy. Special memories were also provided by Jessica's brother. Tune in for heartfelt memories and some fine music.

Ray Korona was a lot of things to a lot of people. All of them good. Ray was a recording artist and producer, an effective organizer and activist, and a singer/songwriter. He was all of these things, but I choose to remember Ray as a caring friend and as an individual who promoted the talents, skills and confidence of those he met and worked with. I was one of those people. The show you will see featured this month is of Ray and his band back in 1997. It shows you what Ray was all about. I always enjoyed watching him talk about what is important in the world. Accessible and intelligent conversation intended to empower and unite people. That's who he was. In coming weeks I will create Songs of Freedom TV episodes of the Ray Korona tribute concert that took place at the Peoples' Voice Cafe in New York City in April of this year. Stayed tuned!

Eric Levine was more than a musical colleague and a friend. He was a brother of mine. We lost Eric in 2008. He left a legacy of memories including victories fighting for disability rights, deep friendships, and lots of really good songs . . . and fun times. Eric was as relentless as he was unpretentious. What you saw was what you got. Some of my favorite Songs of Freedom Television moments were of Eric and me, two chairs and two guitars, sitting in a bare Manhattan Neighborhood Network studio, swapping songs in front of a camera. No pretense. Nothing fancy. 100 percent Eric and what he had to say and sing about. Eric called himself the "Folk Doctor" and he was my folk doctor in the early days of Songs of Freedom TV. He was on frequently and helped me shape the direction and content of early shows. The show you will see is from 1996 and one of the first Songs of Freedom Television episodes. I hope you enjoy it.

And I hope you enjoy the month of May !

Bring on the Spring!
Bring on the Music!

And keep on singing!

~ joel landy, songs of freedom television ~

The Episodes

Show 1   featuring Toby Fagenson and Jane Babits (2002)

Show 2   "A Song for Jessica"  a tribute to Jessica Feinbloom (2017)

Show 3   featuring Ray Korona and the Ray Korona Band (1997)

Show 4  featuring Eric Levine (1996) 


MARCH 2023   "Thursday Night Hoots in Kew Gardens"

During the early 1960s The Interlude Cafe in Kew Gardens, Queens, regularly hosted the voices and guitars of Phil Ochs, Dave Van Ronk, Al Kooper, Jose Feliciano, and other noteworthy musicians. On Thursday nights there was a "hootenanny", with local talent and others taking the stage and filling the space with music. The past fifty years brought numerous changes of ownership to that Interlude Café space, although today it remains a coffeehouse. In 2016 the space was Odradeks Coffee House. I was invited to produce Thursday Night HOOTS! once every month in the winter and spring, recalling the folk scene of decades past.

Tonight features performances from May of 2016. The May hoot was a terrific evening. Great players showed up and everyone in attendance had a great time. The music started before the show actually started when arriving musicians were tuning their instruments in different parts of the room. Suddenly a song broke out and the whole building was filled with music and the evening's first jam. One player who was having coffee ran back home and got his fiddle and joined the party. That was the kind of evening it was. It was magical time in this rekindled musical space. I recorded the event and created three Songs of Freedom episodes. I hope you enjoy them.

Thank you to Jake Block and his staff at Odradeks for making us feel so welcome. And thank you to Jake and the other performing artists for the wonderful evening.

The artists were Jake Block, Alan Alter, David Butler, Eli, Jerry Korobow, Joel Landy, Lulu Michaels, Marie Moskowitz, Gina Moffet, and Steve Suffet. Odradeks is gone, just as The Interlude Café is part of the musical legacy of Kew Gardens. But the music remains, and Songs of Freedom Television is proud and happy to bring it to you.

Keep on singing!

~   joel   ~


The Episodes

Show 1   featuring Jerry Korobow and Joel Landy

Show 2   featuring Jake Block and Steve Suffet

Show 3   featuring the ensemble:
Jake Block, Alan Alter, David Butler, Eli, Jerry Korobow, Joel Landy, Lulu Michaels, Marie Moskowitz, Gina Moffet, and Steve Suffet



         Songs Of Freedom Television

February 2023   "Hot Times, Cold Times"

The annual Porch Stomp on Governors Island in New York Harbor takes place every June. It is a celebration of the season and sun, with lots of music of all kinds. It's a terrific event. For the past few years, the Peoples' Voice Cafe has had a stage (a stretch of lawn with trees) featuring an impressive variety of topical artists. Songs of Freedom TV has been there recording the goings on. I have also emceed and performed at this event. Many pleasant memories and memorable performances there.

So, it is the harsh weather reality in NYC that is February.
Let's warm things up with Porch Stomp videos and artistic talent!

Enjoy these four shows. They have also been scheduled to play in NYC at your local community access television stations. They will also be streaming online.
(Check above for the times and dates at the top of this page for that information.)

I joke that the reason that February has only 28 days is because PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE FEBRUARY!

Let's get on to spring already!!!

Until that happens, enjoy your summer Porch Stomp in the winter.

peace and music

~   joel   ~


The Episodes

Episodes feature the following artists

Show 1, featuring:  Joel Landy, Hudson Valley Sally, and Bev Grant.

Show 2, featuring:  Joshua Garcia, Joel Landy, Hudson Valley Sally, and Bev Grant.

Show 3, featuring:  Steve Suffet, Judy Gorman, Pat Lamanna, and Sally Campbell.

Show 4, featuring:  Chris Owens and the Chris Owens Brothers Band,
Katie Naplatarski, and Gerry Segel. 


Songs Of Freedom Television


January 2023   "Looking Back and Moving Forward"

Show One is a 1998 “Best Of” the first two years of Songs of Freedom. It features performances from Pat Humphries, Bev Grant, Howard Kaspin, Joel Landy, and Professor Louie. It also includes a sampler of faces and voices from the first two years of SOF TV. Lots to like in a show of Songs of Freedom memories. I hope you tune in.

Show Two is from 2000 and highlights the talent, music, stories and political attitude of David Liebman and Gil Skillman. Both gentlemen boldly and humorously define and represent the dignity of human struggle in the songs that they sing and the work that they do. Did I mention they are both economics professors? It was fun (and educational) sharing songs with them on the Songs of Freedom TV stage. We had a good time putting this half hour together. I did not know economics professors could be so much fun.

Not all the shows made in 2000 were fun though. Show Three was recorded the day after Election Day in 2000, amidst the chaos and confusion of the vote counting that gave us George W. Bush as President. The show remains a poignant reminder of what happened, my response to it, and videos of comfort girding us for what was about to happen, including another oil war and the abridging of human rights. It is worth watching again today, as similar dangers and signals of their approach are about us once more. Tune in and you will see what I mean.

Finally, Show Four was recorded in 2003 at the late and great 22-Below performance space in Manhattan. I headlined an evening of political cabaret, joined by the talents and music of Gina Tlamsa, Shawn Norton, and Kim Rich. It was election season and the Iraq War was on. Rudy Giuliani wanted to be mayor again and George Bush “had the whole world in his hands.” There was a lot to say and be sung. And so it was. Topical times satirically stated, and pointedly political. Go back in time twenty years and tune in to 2003, raise your banners, and sing along!

The Episodes
from the Songs of Freedom Television Archives

Show 1:  The Best of Songs of Freedom Television, Volume #1
Featuring Pat Humphries, Bev Grant, Howard Kaspin, Joel Landy, and Professor Louie

Show 2:  "For What It's Worth"
Featuring David Laibman and Gil Skillman

Show 3:  The Great Election Day 2000 Hangover
What happened 23 years ago. Lessons learned and warnings for today.

Show 4:  "I Did It Their Way!" / Live from the 22-Below Cabaret in NYC (2003)
An evening of topical entertainment featuring Joel Landy, Gina Tlamsa, Shawn Norton, and Kim Rich


Songs Of Freedom Television
Songs Of Freedom Television
Songs Of Freedom Television
Songs Of Freedom Television
Songs Of Freedom Television

Here is a plaque for an award the Alliance for Community Media bestowed upon Songs of Freedom Television in 1997. This was for the work done during our first year on TV.

The Alliance for Community Media is a trade group and an organization comprised of public access television professionals. They lobby in Washington DC for your right to create video and have it seen and have it paid for by the commercial corporate entities in your town entering your home and your mind every day. Always an uphill battle. They are also the people who work in access centers. Members also include community access producers like myself. I was honored to receive an award, more so to have the award represent the category of Empowerment, a word that means a lot to me.

I stopped entering the annual competitions a number of years ago, not because I have an attitude about them or because I have “been there and done that.” It is just not where my energy lives now. I seek to do the good work and fight the good fight because it is the right thing to do. I seek to acknowledge others who travel the same road and inspire with creativity and vision. I seek and do that while daring to express myself and have fun along the way.

I am glad you are here to share the journey with me.
Don't forget to laugh as you change the world.

~ Joel ~


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Songs Of Freedom Television
Songs Of Freedom Television
Songs Of Freedom Television
Songs Of Freedom Television
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