“He's a real live wire!”
Did you write that song? That’s a good song!
~ Pete Seeger~

"Joel's engaging performance style has been nurtured through real experience in the TV studio and on the demonstration stage.
He draws you in with the opening song and you're with him right through the encores!"
~ Ray Korona ~

Songs Of Freedom Television

Empowering, fun, creative, irreverent, and challenging are a few of the words that describe Joel Landy’s song writing and performances. Joel has been an activist his entire adult life organizing and promoting events involving numerous social justice and environmental issues. In addition to producing his award winning television program, Songs of Freedom, his music has been published in “Sing Out” magazine and heard on Pacifica Radio stations.

Joel is best known, however, for energetic stage performances in New York City coffeehouses and demonstration stages throughout the country. From corporate media and class warfare to climate chaos and the NRA, Joel delivers intelligent songs with wit and humor in a style that reminds many of a young Phil Ochs.

A Complete Entertainer

Although Joel is more widely known for his activist anthems and clever political parodies and his work with activist communities, he also performs shows for children and senior citizen communities. He takes great care to create song set content sensitive to those who come to see him play. The common thread throughout every performance is Joel’s personal approach and interactive style.

“Getting an audience to participate in the show – singing, moving, playing a kazoo, whatever – and the energy that comes from that is the most fun I have as a performer.” says Joel.

What are his shows about? Joel will tell you “My performances are all about creating a safe space for people to express themselves and have a good time.”

This video was recorded at The Manhattan Neighborhood Network with kids from the New York City Roadrunner Foundation and the legendary piano man Jerry Scott.

Singing at the Kew Gardens Community Senior Center