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December 2021

More Than A Small Circle of Friends:
Remembering Phil Ochs

December is Phil Ochs month at Songs of Freedom Television. Each episode this month recalls and celebrates the life and music of Phil Ochs, his songs and the legacy he left to performers and songwriters of every generation. Episodes presented this month are from a live performance featuring talented artists singing Phil songs at a December 2015 concert in honor of his 75th birthday. The show took place at a venue in Queens that Phil performed at 50 years earlier. It was a magical evening filled with many inspired performances.

Phil died tragically at the age of 35 in 1976. His inspiration and music live on. Tune in. Remember. And sing along.

The Episodes,
Recorded at Odradeks Coffee House in Kew Gardens, Queens, NY
on December 17, 2015

"More Than a Small Circle of Friends"
Remembering Phil Ochs, show 1

Featuring Steve Suffet, David Massengill and Joel Landy.

"More Than a Small Circle of Friends"
Remembering Phil Ochs, show 2

Featuring Anne Price and Joel Landy.

"More Than a Small Circle of Friends"
Remembering Phil Ochs, show 3

Featuring Lydia Adams Davis and Richard Benson.

"More Than a Small Circle of Friends"
Remembering Phil Ochs, show 4

Featuring Steve Vitoff, Carol Friedman Russell, Ben Silver, and the ensemble cast of players, including Lydia Adams Davis,
Steve Suffet, Anne Price, Ben Silver, Richard Benson,
David Massengill, and Joel Landy


Recently Seen on
Songs of Freedom Television

October and November

Welcome Back to the Peoples' Voice Cafe!

In September of this year the Peoples' Voice Cafe, NYC's premiere progressive entertainment venue, resumed its program of weekly in-person concerts after an 18 month Covid-19 induced hiatus.

A September 18 "Welcome Back!" concert was followed by a season of Saturday night performances that continue until the end of May of next year. One of these shows included an October 30 evening featuring both Joel Landy and Pat Wictor.

Songs of Freedom Television cameras were there to capture that night of song and entertainment as well as the September "Welcome Back!" concert.  Here they are.

The Episodes,
Recorded at at the Judson Memorial Church Assembly Hall,
in New York City

"Joel Landy, LIVE at the Peoples' Voice Cafe"
show 1 / October 30, 2021

"Joel Landy, LIVE at the Peoples' Voice Cafe"
show 2 / October 30, 2021

Joel Landy performing at the Peoples' Voice Cafe

A tribute Marjorie Taylor Greene
and January 6th insurrectionists everywhere
There's Stupid Going On!

"The Peoples' Voice Cafe WELCOME BACK Concert"
  show 1 / September 18, 2021
Artists include Marilyn Suffet, Steve Suffet, Thelma Ruffin Thomas, Pamela Jean Agaloos, and Fred Arcoleo.

"The Peoples' Voice Cafe WELCOME BACK Concert"  show 2
Artists include Cleo Carol Knopf, Gerry Segal, and Steve Suffet.

"The Peoples' Voice Cafe WELCOME BACK Concert"  show 3
Artists include Bev Grant, Gary David Allard, Joel Landy, and the ensemble of performing artists.

"The Peoples' Voice Cafe WELCOME BACK Concert"  show 4
Artists include Diane Perry, Joel Landy, and the ensemble of performing artists.


"We know about the heartache.
Everyday we feel the pain.

The missing and the loved ones
we may never see again.

With those who grieve we share our hearts.
There is little we can say.
We can walk the troubled road with them.
It is the only way."

~ from The Only Way by Joel Landy ~

Songs Of Freedom Television

Songs of Freedom Television devoted its episodes to the heroes in our lives. The first two episodes were from the October 20, 2001 benefit concert I produced with Lorcan Otway at the 22-Below Cabaret in New York City.

Firefighters are heroes to us all. They remain heroes in our everyday life. Songs of Freedom Television is honored to honor them.

Show 3 celebrated the life and memory of Pete Seeger, who remains a hero to artists and humanitarians around the world.

Show 4 featured and celebrated "American Music's Renaissance Man" and national treasure, David Amram.

Celebrate the heroes in your life. It may not be the only way, but it is the better one.

With love and solidarity,

~ joel landy, songs of freedom television ~

The Episodes

Show 1:  "Remember the Heroes"  show 1

Show 2:  "Remember the Heroes" show 2

Show 3:   "The Pete Seeger 100th Birthday Tribute and Celebration" show 1

Show 4:   "David Amram at the Peoples' Voice Cafe"  show 1

Songs Of Freedom Television


Songs Of Freedom Television

The 2021 Porch Stomp on Governors Island took place on June 26 and signaled not only the start of summer, but also a return to live events and the annual music festival. Safety was observed during this annual event as numerous musical spaces on the island offered a variety of music. I helped to host the Peopes' Voice Cafe stage and recorded the event for Songs of Freedom Television. I hope you enjoy the episodes edited from that exciting day. I also hope that you and your family are well and safe.

We will get through these times together.
Music will help us along the way.

Peace, Joy, Love, Music, and Faith

~ joel landy, songs of freedom television ~

Songs Of Freedom Television

The Episodes

Episodes feature the following artists

Show 1, featuring:  Joel Landy, Hudson Valley Sally, and Bev Grant.

Show 2, featuring:  Joshua Garcia, Joel Landy, Hudson Valley Sally, and Bev Grant. 

Show 3, featuring:  Steve Suffet, Judy Gorman, Pat Lamanna, and Sally Campbell.

Show 4, featuring:  Chris Owens and the Chris Owens Brothers Band, Katie Naplatarski, and Gerry Segel. 

Songs Of Freedom Television

This month marks the 25th birthday of
Songs of Freedom Television!

Technology has changed over the years, but not our commitment to bringing you the dignity of human struggle with its many faces and many voices. This month we celebrate by bringing you episodes from the SOF archives of performances from Woody Guthrie Birthday Bashes gone by. Woody, like Songs of Freedom TV, was born in July. What better way to commemorate these auspicious events than to bring you Woody shows from the past featuring Steve Suffet and his annual Woody Bash productions.

Tune in. Sing along. This land is still your land!

Songs Of Freedom Television

The Episodes feature the 2020 Woody Brooklyn Hoot Crew:
Steve Suffet, Anne Price, Mike Lee, Pinetree, and Joel Landy 

Show 1:  https://vimeo.com/569097912

Show 2:  https://vimeo.com/569095852

Show 3:  https://vimeo.com/569096920

Show 4:  https://vimeo.com/569094811

Songs Of Freedom Television

Make Music New York is a musical celebration in the streets of New York City and cities around the world that takes place annually on June 21, the summer solstice. Songs of Freedom Television has participated every year since the first one in my home town more than a dozen years ago. Last year the celebration was virtual and Songs of Freedom was there. This month we celebrate “Fête de la Musique” in the streets of my fair city as it was recorded in 2018 on the streets of Forest Hills, Queens. Songs of Freedom will be hosting an event safely outside again on the streets of Queens on Solstice Day this year. I hope you can join us then. Stay tuned for details. Until then, tune in and sing along and I will see you on the telly!

Songs Of Freedom Television

The Episodes

Show 1:  https://youtu.be/Cm7aqMlrcv8

Show 2: https://youtu.be/yVN6i2Yg8UY

Show 3:  https://youtu.be/mLtBmSNfH2w

Show 4:  https://youtu.be/8xa2cJZOpsQ

Songs Of Freedom Television

"Presente!"   Songs of Freedom Television honors those who appeared on the show over the years and have passed on. Their spirit and wisdom remain in their performances. Join us!

Songs Of Freedom Television

The Episodes

Show 1 features: Ray Korona (from 1997)

Show 2 features:  Eric Levine (from 1996)

Show 3 features:  Jessica Feinbloom
(from 2017's  "A Song for Jessica" tribute concert)

Show 4: features:  David McReynolds (interview from 2000 when he was running for President of the United States)

Songs Of Freedom Television