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More Songs
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Last year I had the pleasure of singing at the Society of Ethical Culture in NYC in order to raise
money with Democracy Spring to hire busses that took nonviolent demonstrators to Washington DC in April of that year.
The intention of the protest

was to end the corruption of big money in our politics and ensure free and fair elections in which every American has an equal voice.  We raised $200 at the event. You can find out more about Democracy Spring and how you can still get involved at the link below.



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Faith danced the night away on New Years Eve.
Take a look and join the fun!




the website for the 
Songs of Freedom 
 television show, and a connection
 for activists and artists sharing their vision
and the dignity of human struggle


  We Had A HOOT ! 

on Sunday, March 26 at Exrpesso Cafe in Kew Gardens.

This is the first one we had since May of last year in this space when it was known as Odradeks Coffee House [see videos below]. The new owner, Garrick Aminov, bought the bistro last summer and agreed to host the March "Songs of Freedom presents" free to the public event. It turned out to be a well attended and fun afternoon of music performed by talented neighbors and friends. A real community feeling - exactly what I had hoped for. Thank you to everyone who came to make the event a special one.

Here are a couple of videos from the afternoon (click on the pics below). I hope you enjoy them and get to join us at the next HOOT in Kew Gardens, April 30 from 1pm to 4pm.  Stay tuned!

Jerry Korobow

Joel Landy

     The Expresso Cafe is a friendly neighborhood bistro offering tasty dishes and delicious desserts located next to the Kew Gardens Long Island Railroad parking lot.

Here is a Facebook event page with the address and directions.

  For details about this afternoon of music and fun, contact me at

Did you know . . .
Fifty years ago the Expresso Café in Kew Gardens, Queens, was known as The Interlude Café and was home to memorable hootenannies where the likes of Phil Ochs, Dave Van Ronk,
Al Kooper, and Jose Feliciano honed their craft on their way to becoming musical legends.


Sunday, March 19th

Music video featuring Joel Landy

Anyone Can Do It!

I got to play at the Earth Day event at the Queens Museum sponsored by the United Nations Association of the United States of America, Queens Chapter. The theme this year was Climate Change, the most pressing issue facing our planet right now. The event was both entertaining and educational. There were panels and presentations and an all together positive experience for all who participated. There was even some group singing instigated by an eco-friendly neighborhood folk singer.

Here are some vids from the educational afternoon.

"Birds and Climate Change"  
Speaker: Lynsy Smithson-Stanley

"New York City and the EPA. What Is Going On?"
Speaker: Nathan Kensinger

Have a great spring!  ~ joel


View Songs of Freedom online !

Brooklyn:   Wednesday, 11:00pm, New York Time  at   
Brooklyn Free Speech Television, Channel 2  Live Stream Watch Online!

Bronx:   Thursday, 7:30pm, New York Time    Channel 70     Watch Online!

Manhattan:   Alternate Saturdays, 10:30pm, New York Time    
Community Channel One   Watch Online!



   Coming Up!  


It is almost time again for the

NEFFA: The New England Folk Festival Association

New England Folk Festival !

Friday, April 21 - Sunday, April 23  in Mansfield, Massachusetts

I am proud to say that this year I am leading two (NEFFA) hour long sessions on the Sunday of the festival, April 23.

The first one is all about FUNNY SONGS ! (1pm) This is always a FUN session where me and a merry crew of talented artists sing songs that make people laugh. Join us!
I will also once again perform an hour of Phil Ochs songs (3pm). This session has always been one dear to my heart. The best part is the audience that comes to remember Phil, sharing stories about what he meant to them. We are all getting older, and those who remember a young Phil Ochs are getting older too. Our time together has become a special and a safe place to be. There are also people who have come to know Phil more recently. Providing a space where we all can sit and sing together is something I am privileged to do.


Here is a link to the NEFFA website. You can find full schedules of the singing and dancing sessions that take place all weekend. You can also find maps and directions.  NEFFA is a special place, run completely by volunteers, and it has been going on for more than 60 years!  Truly impressive!  It is an honor to be involved working with the NEFFA family.


What a beautiful evening


it was celebrating Steve Suffet at the Peoples' Voice Cafe in Manhattan on February 18th. Steve does so much for so many people, including booking acts at the PVC, it was righteous and right that he get a night devoted to him and the celebration of his 70th birthday.

Artists included Anne Price, Sandy Pliskin, Beth Kotkin, Gina Tlamsa, Susan Lippman and myself. I had the honor of organizing the entertainment and MC'ing the event. Here is the opening song, written by Steve, and sung by the ensemble, followed by the official introduction to the evening.

Here is my musical contribution to the evening with help from Andy Borowitz,

and here is the show's finale.

Links to other songs and performances can be found below.

Thanks to all of the volunteers that make the PVC such a special place.
 If you don't know about the Peoples' Voice Cafe, New York City's premiere progressive performance venue, click here for information about it and this season's schedule of performances.

Steve Suffet
70th Birthday Celebration

Turning of the Year

Steve Suffet
Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ya'
October Waltz
Can You Hear the Steam Whistle Blow?

Click on the pic for cake and a story.

This Land Is Your Land

Credits and Good Night!

Anne Price:  
My Get Up and Go Has Got Up and Went

It Looks Like It Might Be A Hard Road
Old Devil Time

Sandy Pliskin
Donald Trump Is Not Your Pal (medley)
You Can't Make It Here Anymore
Thanks, Pete!

Beth Kotkin
Across the Great Divide

Blowing in the Wind
Must Have Gone Crazy Out There

Gina Tlamsa

We Shall Not Be Moved
Flute Instrumentals
Got My Union (written by Steve Suffet)

Joel Landy
Don't Hock Me with Your Spirits (incomplete)
I Can't Help Falling In Love with Me!
When I Was Young


The Red Pipe Cafe

on Austin Street in Forest Hills (between Continental and Ascam) hosts a jam session/singaround on Thursday nights from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. Bring an instrument and songs to share, or come along to sing and enjoy. It is fun and it is free - although it is important that you purchase something to eat or drink.

I hope to see you soon at the Red Pipe Cafe!

Here is a short video of what to expect.

Details about Red Pipe Cafe can be seen in the link.




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Say Hello!   You can contact me here.  ~ joel


  Highlights from 2017



  Highlights from 2016


In late November I assisted Donna Stein raise money for the environmental efforts of the Clearwater organization. I meet the most interesting people, including performers, when I volunteer for movements I believe in.

The 2016 New York City
Friends of Clearwater Water Festival

took place on Sunday, September 11th at the Lower East Side Environmental Center on the East River in Manhattan.  It was a beautiful day to be near the water. The panels of speakers organized and moderated by WBAI's Ken Gale were enlightening and educational and the music organized by Jeremy Aaron and
Joel Landy were entertaining and inspiring. Thanks to Donna Stein and the leadership of the New York City Friends of Clearwater for their continuing efforts to protect and preserve our precious waterways. And thanks to the musicians, speakers, and volunteers for making this year's festival a success.

Here are some photos from the the day and a video from the event.
Stay tuned. More videos will be posted shortly.


David Rovics
appeared at the Aubergine Cafe in Woodside, NY on Wednesday night,
August 17th. Songs of Freedom Television was there to record the evening of topical music featuring one of topical music's brightest stars. The night was hosted at Aubergine Cafe by Steve Suffet and the Sunnyside Singers Club.

If you missed the event you can watch videos of the concert by clicking on the links below.
Full Songs of Freedom episodes of the evening will be streaming online and cablecast via NYC's public access tv soon. Watch this space for viewing times and channels.

For more about David Rovics, go to www.davidrovics.com

For more about the Sunnyside Singers Club and weekly singing events, go to

Set One
One Day in Kenya
If This Were A War
God's Gift to the Caliphate
Send Them Back
I'm A Better Anarchist Than You
They All Sang the Internationale
If Clinton's A Progressive
No One Is Illegal
Set Two
Good Bye Portland
Letter to My Landlord
Spancil Hill
Song for My Broken Heart
If Only It Were True
Statue in the Harbor
Everything Can Change

In addition to recording David Rovics' stellar performance I was invited to play two songs.

One was about the next President
of the United States.

"You're A Joke, But Nobody Is Laughing"


The Odradeks HOOT!

Great music and great times. Here are some videos for you to enjoy.
Odradeks gave us a lot of great music. It has recently reopened as The Expresso Cafe.
See above for details about the March 26 hoot at the new/old space!



The May hootenanny at Odradeks Coffee House was a terrific evening.
Thank you to all the fine performers who came to make music and have a fun time.
They included

Jake Block, Alan Alter, David Butler, Eli, Joel Landy, Jerry Korobow, Lou Michaels,
Marie Moskowitz, Gina Moffet, and Steve Suffet.

And thanks to Jake Block and the staff at Odradeks for inviting us in. We hope you enjoyed too!

 Here are links to 3 complete Songs of Freedom Television episodes edited from the evening:
  Show 1:  featuring Jerry Korobow and Joel Landy
  Show 2:  featuring Jake Block, Lou Michaels, Marie Moskowitz, Eli, and Steve Suffet
  Show 3:  featuring  Marie Moskowitz, Alan Alter, David Butler, Gina Moffet,
                  and the ensemble finale, "This Land Is Your Land"

 Ultra cool things that happened this night included players showing up and while tuning their instruments in different parts of the room they started playing together. The whole building was filled with a jam before the evening started. So, I changed the format of the show. No formal introductions. Introduce yourself and play, accompanied by whomever you choose. The other ultra cool thing that happened was I started talking to a coffeehouse customer when I arrived.
I asked him if he played an instrument. He said he played fiddle. I asked him if he lived nearby. He said yes. I told him to get his fiddle. He did and he played. He was excellent and then he sang too. Thank you, David Butler. The entire evening was magical like that.

(See below for pics and vids from previous Thursday Night HOOTS!)


Joel Landy 2016 Performances

Joel Landy

May 14th
at the
People's Voice Cafe
 in NYC

It was lots of fun playing and being with friends, despite my vocal challenges that evening, and it is always great playing along side my riding buddy and good friend, Steve.


Steve Suffet

Saturday, April 16   Ray Korona Song Night
at the Peoples' Voice Cafe

Ray Korona was a writer, producer, promoter, musician, an articulate advocate for artists and those fighting for justice and dignity, and a good friend. Many of us still cannot believe he is gone. On Saturday night April 16 at the Peoples' Voice Cafe in NYC friends and artists gathered to sing his songs and remember Ray. It was a heartfelt evening with inspired performances.
Here is the finale to the show. Enjoy!

April 17  

"Funny Song Swap"  at the New England Folk Festival
Mansfield High School in Mansfield, MA

  And what a funny song swap it was!
Thank you to Steve Suffet, Ben Grosscup and Jackson Gilman for joining me for the great session.

Sunday, April 3

was a terrific time at The fourth annual
Woody Guthrie Brooklyn Hoot
at the Jalopy Theatre & School of Music in Brooklyn, NY

It was a great evening with a wonderful audience and memorable performances. Thanks to the folks at the Jalopy for making it so special.
I want to personally thank my fellow musicians:
Steve Suffet, Vincent Cross, Beth Kotkin, and Mike Glick for a special and fun time.

Here are 3 videos from that show recently seen on Songs of Freedom TV.

show1     show 2     show 3


Thursday Night HOOTS!


We Gave a HOOT!   and people came to

Odradeks Coffee House in Kew Gardens, Queens on

on Thursday evening, March 17

Thank you to everyone who made it another memorable evening.

Lawrence Block, Lou Michaels, Marie Moskowitz, Joel Landy, and others
continued the Third Thursday Hoot series with spirited performances.

Here are three half hour Songs of Freedom episodes edited
from the February 18th Hoot! event:

  Episode 1:   featuring  Joel Landy
  Episode 2:   featuring Larry Block, Lou Michaels, 
                        Marie Moskowitz, and Joel Landy

  Episode 3:   featuring Larry Block, Lou Michaels,
                        Marie Moskowitz, and Joel Landy

Here are episodes from the January hoot:

 Episode 1:   with Steve Suffet, Larry Block
 Episode 2:   with Joel Landy
 Episode 3:   with Steve Suffet, Larry Block, Richard Benson

Joel Landy songs at the
Thursday Night Hoots!

Running Out of Time
The Spaces In Between
Richard Cory
Pay  Me No Mind
By Any Means

Are You Going to Cut Medicare?

I  Can't Help Falling In Love with Me
I Wonder Why
Save the Last Shot for Me
Let It Melt and
I Wish Woody Guthrie Was Here

There But for Fortune
What Do You Do with a Politician?


Thursday Night Hoots!

The Phil Ochs 75th birthday concert I produced at Odradeks Coffee House in
Kew Gardens, Queens (see below) in December of 2015 was so successful I was invited to produce a monthly music event there.
Unfortunately, Odradeks closed a the end of July in 2016.  My goal is still to create a music scene in Queens similar to the one I did on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village nine years ago, where souls conspired and played together.  So, stay tuned folksingers, bards, and free spirits. We still have a world of music to make.

For more about the Phil Ochs 75th birthday celebration at Odradeks Coffee House, including videos of the evening's  performances, click here.



It was a joyous night for both the audience and the artists who performed at Odradeks Coffee House in Kew Gardens, NY on Thursday night, December 17, celebrating Phil's life and music.

Click on the photo links for more about that evening and video performances by David Massengill, Joel Landy, Steve Suffet, Anne Price, Lydia Adams Davis, Steve Vitoff, and Richard Benson.

Here is a review of the evening  
by Carene Lydia Lopez


2015 Performances


Second Annual Pete Seeger Sing-Along Celebration

Saturday, May 9th  at the
Peoples' Voice Cafe

Here is a sample of the music
shared that evening.

"Where Have All the
Flowers Gone?"

with Joel Landy and 
The Great Dancer Faith





NEFFA: The New England Folk Festival Association

NEFFA, the New England Folk Festival, was a blast.
I led two sessions. One was The Ultimate Parody Jam and the other was a Funny Song Swap.
What fun!
Check out the video here for a sample.  
More at www.neffa.org

The 3rd Annual
Woody Guthrie Brooklyn Hoot
on April 12
at the Jalopy Theater and School of Music was an awesome show

We will be doing it again on April 3, 2016.

Join us! 

I had the pleasure of participating
at the MLK open mic

at my favorite progressive coffeehouse,
the Peoples' Voice Cafe in NYC. I thought it would be most appropriate to sing a song written by Matt Jones.

[click here]

Reaching Back to the Year 2014 

December 12, 2014 at the

I was featured at this showcase in NYC. The night before the House of Representatives voted for the bill that will fund and keep our government running. Republicans stuck goodies for the banking industry in there at the 11th hour written by their friends at CitiGroup. Enough Democrats voted for it to pass. There was other stuff in that bill too that the Senate passed and the President signed in the days that followed.
I am still livid. I took my energy about it and my attitude to the stage and began my set with the video to the right. -->


[click pic for You Tube link]

December 15, 2014 at the
UTES Got Talent at New Utrecht High School
song: "When I Was Young" by Matt Jones

Matt Jones devoted his life to the struggle of social justice in this country. Some time after the 1960s he articulated what we all now know - that the fight for freedom and equality has not ended at all. His song frames this stark perception vividly.

[click on the photo for You Tube link]

 ... more '14 ...

"For the Love of Pete"

A celebration of the life and music of Pete Seeger

Summer Fun!   2014

2014 Labor Day Parade
in New York City   September 6

New York City Friends of Clearwater


Water Festival  August 23

The People's Climate March in


New York City  September 21

2014: A Year to Remember

The New England Folk Festival

The Second Annual Woody Guthrie Brooklyn Hoot

The Pipeline Follies  (Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline)

New Utrecht's Got Talent  ◊  The New Utrecht High School Talent Show

The United Nations Association of Queens  presents
an Earth Day Celebration at the Queens Museum of Art

Music For All Ages at The Redwood Deli


Where I've Been

Performances  2013 and 2012"

He's a real live wire ! "  

~  Pete Seeger  ~







pages and pages of them at youtube.com

Kiss Your Ass Goodbye

Close Indian Point NOW!


The Eve of Depression
With apologies and thanks to Barry McGuire and P.F. Sloan


click on pic   click twice for You Tube MP3 version

The International Express
more than a subway train, it's the world in motion




Songs of Freedom
YIPPIE Museum Cafe Archive

(2007 and 2008)


A season of topical music, free to the public in
Greenwich Village, New York City, hosted by Joel Landy








Without Borders





writing for godot


Brasscheck TV
a website where you can go to
educate yourself



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"He's a real live wire!"
~ Pete Seeger ~


Flashback link to


A year in review.

 Quick Vids 

"I Am Selling Off My Body When I Die!"   
featuring Joel, and
The Great Dancer Faith!

There But for Fortune.
performed at the 2013 New England Folk Festival

"By Any Means"  
Mitch McConnell sings his way into your heart,
but he and his friends are
"Running Out of Time"

  On the Radio 

 Legal Illegal  (MP3 file)
WBAI live broadcast on
Bob Fass's
Radio Unnambeable

An interview with
WBAI's Ken Gale

(from 2008)


"Joel's engaging performance style has been nurtured through real experience in the TV studio and on the demonstration stage. 
He draws you in with the opening song and you're with him right through the encores!"

~ Ray Korona ~


"Joel is a dynamic performer who is able to connect with kids with special needs and adults alike. We consider Joel a Dream Team sponsor for his theme song and all of his voluntary efforts."

~ Vicki Fenton ~
President and Founder,
The Eve Fenton Love-All Foundation


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