Songs of Freedom at the YIPPIE Museum Café

 Songs of Freedom at the Yippie Café had a gloriously successful first season. Our first show was in September of 2007. Throughout we had incredible performances and even more incredible energy. Projects were born and featured. Partnerships were created and practiced. People discovered a place to go to convene, conspire and enjoy politically driven entertainment. Quite impressive for one year of work!  And now we are back for our second season, this time on selected Friday nights.
Tell your friends, and Stay Tuned!

If you have missed any of our performances, many of them can be seen

on, You Tube, or at this website.  Enjoy!  

[Click here to see a flyer introducing our first season. More than an invitation, it is a mission statement and a call to action.]

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Songs of Freedom Performance Season at The Yippie Café 2007 and 2008