If the world changes for the better it must start some time.


The People's Climate March

took place in NYC on September 21.

Were you there?




As Earth Day in New York City many years ago brought attention and direction to an environmental movement, the People's Climate March was an iconic event.  Between 300 and 400 thousand people of diverse and unified interests marched in the streets together. This can only be the beginning.

Whatever your interests are. Whatever you hold dear and wherever you live, please get involved. It's about the planet, it's about economics, it's about justice, it's about food, air and water. It's about young, old, rich, poor, you, me, and everyone else. It's about our future and our present. It's about power and peace. And it's about time.

Educate yourself and act now. And stay strong. We need you.

With spirit and in solidarity,

~ Joel ~

Here is the People's Climate March Facebook page.  

Take a look for more pictures and conversation.


Here is a full 29 minute episode of Songs of Freedom recorded at the march.

And here is a 5 and one half minute trailer from that show.