2014 Labor Day Parade in NYC

Which side are you on?

I marched in the NYC Labor Day Parade on September 6 with my hard working brothers and sisters from every borough and beyond. I made a point of speaking with Michael Mulgrew, President of the United Federation of Teachers, my union. He has taken heat lately because he was seen with Al Sharpton making a statement about unfortunate actions by some policemen. I asked Mulgrew how he was holding up. I then told him that the New York Post and the Daily news salivate while they post stories about unions disagreeing with each other. The Koch brothers have parties and cater it and amplify it any way they can. I told my union leader not to let dissent divide us and make us weak. He told me he is holding up just fine and that he feels the presence and strength of our membership is with him and that what we read in the paper is a difference of opinion between leaders, not the brothers and sisters of the rank and file. Union members are not disagreeing about who our friends are and who would like to see us fall.

I put my hand on his shoulder and told him to "stay strong!"

Here are some photos from the parade.


Labor Day and its weekend, it is always the last celebration and the last dying breath of what we call summer. But it needs to be more than that. Here is a big shout out for everyone who works for a living and here is a sincere THANK YOU to everyone, passed and living,  who made sacrifices for a way of life so many of us take for granted today. Let us remember and preserve what we have won. These are dangerous days where corporations masquerade as people and are determined to make us all desperate wage slaves once again while ruining our precious planet. Let us remember what brought us to what we enjoy, educate those who do not know and resolve to move our spirit and economic opportunities forward.

Peace  Joy  Music  Faith  Work  Love,

~ joel ~