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  2013 Flashback 

Where were we and what did we do?

I am glad we got through the snowy 2014 winter. It makes me appreciate the blessings in my life all the more, despite losing friends and heroes along the way. Perhaps you have been to a Pete Seeger tribute (see above). He touched so many people and hearts.

Taking a quick look back at 2013, it was a good one, blessed with health and happiness. The year included performances at my favorite venues, at schools where I teach, and in support of causes and organizations that mean a lot to me. (click here for videos)
Venues included The Peoples' Voice Cafe, the New England Folk Festival, The Cafe Marlene in Queens, and The Jalopy Theatre and School of Music in Brooklyn.
 I want to thank everyone who invited me to play and everyone who came to the shows.
I hope you enjoyed our time together as much as I did.

The most important gig I play continues to be with my family and the time I spend with my daughter, Faith.
She is six now and will be starting first grade shortly.
She is not shy about getting on a stage to sing and dance. It was a joy to have her join me on stage at performances. It is a gift that I give to her and is something that she will probably fully appreciate later on in life. Here is a sample of her work.

Looking forward this year I give thanks for all I have, my friends, my family, my work, my health,
and wish all the best for you wherever you are and what ever you do.

Peace, joy, love and Faith,

~ joel ~


 2013 in Review

Highlights of the year included the pleasure of being on a bill at the Peoples' Voice Cafe with two awesome and talented performers on Saturday night, October 19th. It was a terrific evening of fun and creativity. I want to thank everyone who came and made it such a special time. What a rockin' audience you are!  If you couldn't make the performance I have posted some videos below.
In addition, you be seeing more of us in upcoming Songs of Freedom TV episodes.
Stay tuned!

I also want to personally thank my fellow performers, Ilene Weiss and Jan Luby.
It was so much fun being on stage with them and watching them work. And then there was my daughter, Faith . . . Thank you, kid.
I think there is a place for you in this business.

Here's a taste of what happened on October 19th.

"I Am Selling Off My Body When I Die!"   
featuring Joel, and The Great Dancer, Faith!

"If You Know an Oxymoron, Shout It Out!"   
with John, Elizabeth, Jan, Ilene, Joel and featuring the English Language!

"Watching Too Much Fox TV"  
and having a Tea Party

Joel Landy videos

"By Any Means"   Mitch McConnell sings his way into your heart,
but he and his obstructionist friends are  "Running Out of Time".
Never forget, it's easier to ask for forgiveness than get permission. It's "Legal Illegal".

Ilene Weiss videos
"Christmas Rap"   
 "Wedding Song"



Jan Luby videos
"Outside the Gate"  
"I Am Evil When I Drive"
"Relationship Song"




I was in Japan during the month of August. On August 6 my family and I were in Hiroshima to observe and be part of the annual Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony. I devoted an entire Songs of Freedom episode to that day about what I experienced and recorded. The entire episode is viewable via a link below, as are individual segments from that show. I hope you watch them and I hope that some day you get to go to Hiroshima to witness and feel the emotion and energy of the people there and the peace memorial ceremony.

Here is an entire Songs of Freedom episode
devoted to the memorial celebration.


And here segments from that program:

1. Speech by Hiroshima's mayor at the event and images of the ceremony  (8 minutes)

2. The peace ceremony  (10 minutes)

3. Bell ringing and people's prayers (1 minute 15 seconds)

4. Toro Nagashi,
    the evening ceremony where paper lanterns are placed in the river to float out to sea (3 minutes)

5. Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims and music  (6 minutes, 30 seconds)

During my trip to Japan, I frequently added short videos from the time there to my Facebook account.
You can visit my Facebook account at the following link. I will continue to add edited items over the coming weeks and months. Here is that link.  The cover image recalls one of the coolest moments of my family's journey. While we were in Hiroshima we went to a Hiroshima Carp baseball game. The row behind us "adopted" my daughter. The photo reflects that. Take a look. Cool, eh?


~  joel landy  ~


More from the Summer of 2013

New York City Friends of Clearwater Water Festival

August 31, 2013

Thank you to club president, Donna Stein for coordinating this event and to Bernice Silver, our honoree.

Thank you to all the performers and volunteers, and thank you to the
Lower East Side Ecology Center for providing space for this event.

You can watch an entire Songs of Freedom episode about this day here.

You can also watch segments from this show.

  1. Bernice Silver   (3 minutes 40 seconds)
  2. Water Festival images, Su Polo music  (1 minute)
  3. Featured performer, Spook Handy  (14 minutes)
  4. Announcements and Joel Landy  (10 minutes)

Get involved with  NYC Friends of Clearwater



The Workmen's Circle Madison Avenue
Social Justice Street Fair

was lots of fun.
I got to sing with friends in the streets of NYC
about the dignity of human struggle.

You can watch a new
Songs of Freedom episode about it here.



Joel Landy and Bob Fass

Last summer I helped support WBAI, Pacifica radio in NYC and played at an
environmentally oriented fundraiser organized by the Earth Mum.
In promoting the event, we were both invited by the legendary Bob Fass to appear on his radio program,  Radio Unnameable.

One of the songs I played on his show and at the fundraising event was an imaginary conversation with Governor Cuomo about the nature of fracking and why it should not be allowed in our state.
(Recorded at the 2012 NYC Friends of Clearwater Water Festival.)

And here are songs I played July 19th on Bob's show.

1. Joel Landy:  Don't Frack with Me  (MP3 file)
2. Joel Landy:  Kiss Your Ass Goodbye  (MP3 file)
3. Joel Landy:  Legal Illegal  (MP3 file)
4. Joel Landy:  A Choice for Living  (MP3 file)



Labor Day 2013

Labor Day is a day where we honor the workers in this country who created and grew a thriving middle class for so many years. A corporate agenda and "class warfare" have diminished our middle class and the future of our children and their children. We all need to understand the tactics of dividing working people and putting them against each other. I invite us all to remember that we have more in common with working people - wherever they live, whatever country they come from, or whatever it is that they do - than we do with corporate minded agenda makers, billionaires and politicians currying favor and re-election aspirations. And they are the ones we read about and see on "the news" creating the conversation we debate and then live from. Do you see this too?

 I also invite us to remember the work of labor unions and how they are and have always been vital for the survival and growth of a middle class in any country.
Here is a snapshot of my participation in New York City's Labor Day Parade last year.
New York has become a town of working people, the underemployed and the unemployed that has been asked to hate and punish itself by the daily newspapers and the pervasive corporate media. They tell us what to think and who to hate. They present us with pop disposable distractions and hope we don't look at or demand real issues. Real issues such as "Who owns the media?", "What is their agenda?", and "What are they hiding?"

Let us stand in solidarity and demand real issues, real answers, real accountability, and real solutions.

In solidarity,

joel landy


Labor Day Parade in NYC  /  September 2012

Unions brought us weekends, overtime, vacation pay, the eight hour work day,
child labor laws and more. People sacrificed and gave their lives to bring us the benefits of their work, yet unions today are the target of ambitious politicians and corporate interests. Union membership in this country is down considerably from half a century ago, when gains in working rights and civil rights were raising our collective standard of living.

It is no coincidence that a working person's real wages and standard of living has suffered as enrollment in and power of labor unions has waned.
Here is to unions, working people, and a better world.

[Here is a short video of the march.]


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